Mentor Ireland has been established as The Mentoring Agency so as to assist people, businesses and organisations across all sectors of society by matching them with experienced people whose career skills and expertise could be of immense assistance to achieve success for people in business and in all types of organisations that need mentoring. Mentor Ireland will operate as a separate entity in each county so as to work with local Mentors that can be available to businesses and organisations in that county that require them. Mentor Ireland operates for the following reasons –

* To provide people, businesses and organisations with experienced Mentors

* To provide Mentors with a platform to make their experience available to Mentees

* To ensure that people, businesses and organisations achieve success from Mentoring

Mentor Ireland – The Mentoring Agency has been established by the well known businessman Michael Mulcahy, whose involvement in a variety of businesses has led him to develop the initiative

Michael Mulcahy, Founder & CEO of Mentor Ireland

For more than 30 years, I have seen first-hand the great success of Mentoring in Ireland and I have personally benefited and continue to benefit from this process. With the exceptional amount of experienced people who are available and interested in Mentoring people, businesses and organisations of all kinds, I felt the platform for a coordinated approach to Mentoring at local and national level was insufficient for where Ireland is today. Creating The Mentoring Agency is all about matching Mentors and Mentees. Each of us, regardless of what we do in life needs guidance, encouragement and support and some of the very best local to global business leaders have benefited from personal advisers, coaches and Mentors. I want to make The Mentoring Agency the go to place for Mentors in all parts of Ireland and whether it is a personal, business, social, civic or charitable arena that you are in, we will have Mentors that can assist and guide you. The important thing about Mentoring is that the most suitable Mentor is chosen by the Mentee, be they a person, business or organisation. It is key to the success of the relationship that both parties are agreed on the strategy that they are embarking upon and know that its results that are created and managed by the Mentor will ultimately benefit the Mentee. I believe that the establishment of Mentor Ireland as The Mentoring Agency and the roll out of its strategy for a Local Mentoring Agency in every county around Ireland will have phenomenal benefits for all parties involved.

Mentors will be experienced in their own chosen areas and will have a proven track records in the areas that they are seeking to Mentor in. The Mentee is the person that will select the Mentor most suited to them, their business or their organisation. The very many highly experienced people in all parts of Ireland who become Mentors will have a great skill set to provide to people. While some may be retired, some will be at different stages of their career and each has a great role to play in assisting and guiding people, businesses and organisations that need their expertise. I aim to ensure that our people get the very best Mentoring that some amazing people throughout Ireland have to offer and that is why Mentor Ireland as The Mentoring Agency has an exceptional role in making this happen. Our job is to promote you as a Mentor and ensure that potential clients know about you, your experience and expertise and can see for themselves that you may be the solution to their particular requirement.

Mentees will be from all walks of life and whether you own your own business or are part of a business or whether you are part of an organisation in any sector, a Mentor has a huge amount to offer you. The fact that you can select the Mentor of your choice is what our service at Mentor Ireland offers you. We will ensure that we have a range of experienced Mentors listed on our site, whose profiles and detailed information will assist you in making an informed choice in meeting them and hopefully engaging them to be your Mentor.

Mentor Ireland is our way of connecting the Mentor and the Mentee and ensuring that everyone has the ability to grow their businesses and organisations.

– Michael Mulcahy, Founder & CEO of Mentor Ireland