The Service That Mentors Will Be Provided With

Mentor Ireland – The Mentoring Agency is a membership agency and each Mentor that is approved for membership will be granted annual membership. This annual membership will afford the Mentor the following services –

* Membership of Mentor Ireland/Local Area(s) with membership certificate

* The right to use the letters MMI (Member of Mentor Ireland) for any person that has up to 5 years experience in Mentoring people, businesses or organisations and the letters FMI (Fellow of Mentor Ireland) after their name for any person that has more than 5 years experience in Mentoring people, businesses or organisations.

* A detailed profile on the website for the county that they are in and for them to promote their services as a Mentor to all people, businesses and organisations interested

* Option to have their profile available in any secondary counties that they wish to be included in

* An advertisement for the Mentor in the Mentor Ireland online directory each month for twelve-months so that their profile and range of services can be seen by the full spectrum of people interested in working with a Mentor

* Editorial profiling for twelve-months in the Mentor Ireland ‘Choose A Mentor’ on the website for Mentors

* Full welcome and promotion of each Mentor on the Mentor Ireland social media platforms and those linked to business magazines associated with Mentor Ireland (Business Island and Business Cork)

* Full promotion of Mentor Ireland on its social media platforms and those linked to business magazines

* The right for Mentors to charge fees for their services to Mentees that they enter arrangements with and to retain 100% of those fees as Mentor Ireland does not take any fees from its Mentors

* Regular and ongoing promotion by Mentor Ireland to potential Mentees to encourage participation

* Guaranteed nomination for The Mentor Ireland Awards which is an annual awards programme to ensure that all local Mentors are recognised in their local area. The Mentor Ireland Awards selects one Nominee from all its Mentors in a county as The Mentor of the Year for that county

Annual Fee to Become an Approved Mentor With Mentor Ireland

Mentor Ireland – The Mentoring Agency will only charge an annual membership fee to its Members (Mentors). All income generated by the Mentor will be retained by the Mentor and no commission of any nature will be charged by Mentor Ireland for introductions or on work contracts and Mentors will retain 100% of the income that they generate through Mentor Ireland and from their own initiatives.The annual membership fee that covers all promotion, advertising, marketing, recommendations and introductions is a very cost effective €3,540 (+ VAT) per annum