Local Mentoring Agency

Mentor Ireland as The Mentoring Agency will operate a Mentoring Agency for each county around Ireland.  Experienced people interested in Mentoring will be sought to be available to assist those seeking Mentoring across a wide variety of sectors.

The Mentors

A Mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser and Mentor Ireland as The Mentoring Agency will have a range of Mentors in each county so that every sector has experienced Mentors available. Each Mentor will be experienced in a sector or sectors and will have the ability to provide benefit to Mentees. Mentors will provide a consultancy service to Mentees.

The Mentees

A Mentee is a person who is advised, trained, or counselled by a Mentor. The Mentee can be a person, business or organisation.

The Branches Around Ireland

Mentor Ireland as The Agency will have a local branch in each of the 26 counties around Ireland.
This will ensure that local Mentors are available for local people, businesses and organisations.
The branch network will be as follows –

Mentor Antrim
Mentor Armagh
Mentor Carlow
Mentor Cavan
Mentor Clare
Mentor Cork
Mentor Derry/Mentor London Derry
Mentor Donegal
Mentor Down
Mentor Dublin
Mentor Fermanagh
Mentor Galway
Mentor Kerry
Mentor Kildare
Mentor Kilkenny
Mentor Laois
Mentor Leitrim
Mentor Limerick
Mentor Longford
Mentor Louth
Mentor Mayo
Mentor Meath
Mentor Monaghan
Mentor Offaly
Mentor Roscommon
Mentor Sligo
Mentor Tipperary
Mentor Tyrone
Mentor Waterford
Mentor Westmeath
Mentor Wexford
Mentor Wicklow

A Range of Experienced Mentors Available in Each County in Ireland

Mentor Ireland – The Mentoring Agency will seek to have a range of experienced Mentors in each county. The Mentors will possess a wide range of skills and experience and will be available to Mentees on a consultancy or other basis. Mentor Ireland – The Mentoring Agency will provide a facility to all Mentors and Mentees to engage with each other and for Mentors to promote their services to Mentees and for Mentees to select the most suitable Mentor for their needs.